Future of Call girls in Shahdara

Escort services are everyone in the the country and Shahdara is no exception. Call girls in Shahdara have become an object of mockery in the city. These lean and poverty stricken women in Shahdara have got involved in the Shahdara escort service without receiving the due payments for their works. They are governed by their masters or landlords who offer no financial support to these girls but make use of them for their own satisfaction. Lacking hope these women look up to the masters expecting little remuneration for their services. The only favor these masters do is offer them free accommodation and make them perform all their household chores. The quality of Shahdara escorts is dwindling day by day and if preventive measures are not taken these girls will soon perish out of hunger.

Shahdara non-profit making organizations for female escorts Shahdara Delhi

A few non-profit organizations have been set up by the philanthropists to help the homeless female escorts Shahdara Delhi. The organizations provide free food and plan to provide them with accommodation in the near future. The philanthropists who are responsible for this venture believe that their poverty can be diminished if they are provided with manual labor like washing clothes, cooking, cleaning local homes in Shahdara. These homes have been set up especially for independent Shahdara escorts who completely lack food and shelter. The hospitals have also decided to introduce a free checkup for the women every month. They totally agree with the saying that in order to raise the status of a country or place the status of the women of that place must be raised.

Improvements in the lives of Shahdara Independent Escorts

Significant improvements have been observed in the lives of Shahdara Independent Escorts of late. They have been offered shelter and work by many of the inhabitants of the place. The sad picture of their poverty is gradually diminishing and things have started looking brighter. Many schools are being opened up for the escorts to impart them a basic level of education.

Escorts in Shahdara and their personal views

Many of the escorts in Shahdara are of the opinion that education has made them forget their past lives. They are now looking to pursue a new career in their life. They feel that if they continue to study they could also become doctors or engineers. It is really a happy sight to see happiness in the eyes of the children.







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