Kamla Nagar Escort Service: The System

The Kamla Nagar Escort Service follows a systematic approach for assigning call girls in Kamla Nagar to their customers. First you need to fill out a form giving your name, address, background and contact number. The escorts in Kamla Nagar check each man’s profile and then decide which one they will attend upon. They individually call up the person asking him about his suitable hours. If the time matches for the escort and the person, the girl goes to the person’s residence. The women in Kamla Nagar very much care for their customer’s background and have a predefined level. If someone fails to attain a level of status that is defined by the escorts, then he is not attended upon.

Calling Kamla Nagar Independent Escorts outside their area of work

Some of the Kamla Nagar independent escorts agree to travel long distances if they are assured of a lump sum amount. However, the rules laid out by them do not allow them to travel more than 10 kilometers outside Kamla Nagar. If you live very far away from Kamla Nagar, then you have to arrange for an accommodation in or near Kamla Nagar to ask independent Kamla Nagar escorts for their service. Private homes are located in Kamla Nagar for rent exclusively for this purpose. You have to go through their addresses on the internet, check out their contacts and need to call them to book a room. You do not need to mention the cause for the stay.

Monthly Income for Kamla Nagar Escorts

Many Kamla Nagar escorts earn plenty to afford themselves a luxurious living. They charge you a very high amount, higher than most other places. Some escorts earn as high as fifty thousand per month by working four days a week. The average income for a good escort is twenty thousand rupees per month. They start from a high price and further increase their rate as they grow more experienced with working. You have to pay them the amount that they charge and chances of bargaining are very slim.

Additional rules for female escorts Kamla Nagar Delhi

Female escorts Kamla Nagar Delhi follow some additional rules while attending upon a customer. The escorts cannot keep in touch with their customers after the service is completed and cannot ask the customer for extra cash afterwards. The rules are written down through a mandate followed by all the escorts in Kamla Nagar.







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